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There are a number of treatment options available with the CACI ULTIMATE Machine for both face and body. All CACI treatments are completely safe, painless and can be wonderfully relaxing.


A 15 minute consultation will always take place to agree the best treatment for you at a cost of £15 redeemable against your CACI course of treatments.


To achieve the best results a course of treatments is advised followed by maintenance visits once every 4-6 weeks to ensure you continue to benefit from the results of the initial course. As a guide CACI suggest Microdermabrasion once a week for 6-10 weeks and the Non surgical Face lift 10-15 visits twice or three times a week until complete. The number of visits will depend on your personal needs.



Significantly reduces skin imperfections e.g. pigmentation, age spots, small wrinkle, congestion, acne- your skin is left clear and smooth.


Light Therapy

Used in microdermabrasion and wrinkle comb phase increases the naturally occurring healing mechanism of the skin as it speeds cell renewal, stimulates collagen, encourages wound healing and increases circulation. It is soothing and healing and is a powerful antiseptic as it kills bacteria and cools down inflammation.


The Wrinkle Comb

The wrinkle comb provides the first non invasive alternate to collagen injections and other dermal fillers. Combining LED photo stimulation with high frequency electrical stimulation, the wrinkle comb effectively plumps out and softens deep lines, wrinkles, blemishes and stretch marks. A real breakthrough in skin resurfacing and is suitable for sensitive skin. Your skin is left with a wonderful glow and a firmer more supple appearance. Instant visible results.



Provides an intensive hydration and skin firming treatment using a hydro gel smoothing mask which you can take home and use again. Cooling, soothing, calming, reducing skin irritation and oedema (redness) Lymphatic drainage. The gel mask is silicone based, containing pure water, collagen and hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid has been nicknamed by the press as the ‘’Key to the fountain of youth’’ and naturally occurs in the body)