Electrolysis Diathermy












Electrolysis  is a progressively permanent method of hair removal. Specially trained therapist will only carry out specialised treatment. Electrolysis uses a fine probe about the width of an eyelash to cut off the blood supply that keeps hairs growing back. This method is called diathermy where a tiny burst of energy is passed down the probe which is placed at the root of the hair. If the blood supply is successfully severed then hairs will not return, however the body naturally heals itself so some hairs may return and need top up treatments. This treatment is available in 15 or 30min sessions and a small group of hairs will be targeted in one session.

First appointment (30 mins to include consultation)


Red veins


Red veins or broken capillaries can be successfully treated on the upper body with electrolysis. Using diathermy or ‘heat’ the capillary is cauterised and sealed with a minimum of discomfort.


Skin tags


Skin tags vary in size from a pin head to a grape. They can be successfully cauterised using diathermy which causes them to dry up and fall off, usually with in a few days.




Milia are a common skin condition which appear as small white bumps and are the result of skin that does not slough off normally being trapped in a hair follicle or sweat gland. The bump will range from 1-2 mm in size and may be mistaken for acne. You may find several bumps clustered, or find only one. Milia can occur in all ages and in both male and female. Removal is a simple treatment. Length of treatment is dependant on several factors. Consultation is recommended prior to these treatments.