3D Hair By Hair Bows

Where most eyebrow enhancemenent add colour only, this treatment draws individual hairs onto the skin. Simulating hair strokes among your natural ones in a bespoke pigment blend to lift and define your brows. Whether your brows have thinned or are over plucked and very fair, or you simply want to improve their shape and look


3D Eyebrows Natural hair Simulation      £325.00



Eyeliner is the `Must Have`essential if you want to define your eyes and accentuate their colour. eyeliner pencils and gels can enhance your eyes, but if you are looking for a smudge free product thats long lasting and waterproof.


Lash Enhancement           £180.00

Eyeliner Bottom               £180.00

Eyeliner Top                    £200.00

Eyeliner Both                   £325.00


3D Lips 

The Lip Liner proceedure will correct an uneven lip line or simply enhance your natural lips. Permanent lip liner can make your lips appear fuller without having surgery.


Lip Blush                         £250.00

Full Lips                          £375.00

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