We are now offering a luxury hair removal treatment, which includes a Hydro-active mineral scrub with customised steamed towels to exfoliate, Smooth and soften your skin


   Level  of service                                   Standard                  Luxury


Full Leg Wax                                           £26.95                       £29.50

Half Leg Wax/Lower                                £18.00                       £21.00

Thigh Wax                                              £20.00                      £22.00

Underarm                                                 £11.95

Lip or Chin                                               £7.00

Lip and Chin                                            £11.95

Full Leg, Bikini & Underarm                       £43.00                      £45.00

Half Leg, Bikini & Underarm                      £36.95                       £39.95

Bikini  (outside knicker line                                £13.95    

Advanced Bikini                                        £16.95

Brazilian  (total removal)                                  £31.00 

Hollywood (Thin strip line &total removal from labia)     £31.00


All bikini waxes last for btween 3-6 weeks depending on hair growth. Ideal treatment time is every 4 weeks.

If it is your first treatment or it has been  long time in between appointments we recommend that you trim the hair to be removed prior to your appointment with us




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